World Masters Athletics Transgender and DSD Athlete Participation in WMA Competitions

Transgender and DSD Athlete Participation in WMA Competitions

Following the announcement by World Athletics that participation by transgender and athletes with a difference in sex development (DSD athletes) would be changed, WMA contacted World Athletics to seek advice as to how WMA should go forward.

In discussions with World Athletics, the WMA Council was advised to carefully consider what rule changes, if any, the WMA might make to their current regulations. All WMA Council members have taken this very seriously, considered many options and sought considerable advice from legal, medical and other sources.

At a final meeting, which recently took place in Paris , this topic and all collection information and opinions were extensively reviewed and discussed by the WMA Council.

Therefore, the WMA Council has decided to follow and adopt World Athletics eligibility regulations for the female classification and the eligibility regulations for transgender athlete for DSD and transgender and DSD athletes respectively.

These Regulations will be enforced on the 1st of September 2023

The key points that assisted the WMA Council in coming to this decision, included:

  • To protect the integrity of competitions organized by the WMA for master female athletes
  • To be guided by the WMA constitution, which states: “To work in cooperation with World Athletics, and to ratify and implement WA rules, regulations, directives and sanctions as they apply to masters’ athletics”
  • To closely monitor the impact of the adoption of these new eligibility regulations and their consequences on both cis-gender, DSD and transgender athletes.
  • To review the current WMA eligibility regulations based on the results of this monitoring, the available scientific knowledge and the evolution of World Athletics eligibility regulations.

Please consult the World Athletics website (click here) for full details of the policy now in place regarding transgender and DSD athletes.

Any medical or confidential requests should be addressed to: