WMACi 2023 is history. These championships went by too fast. We all have lasting memories of seven days of great emotions and a wonderful Masters Athletics competition in Toruń, which provided the 4,000+ athletes with a superb main Indoor stadium and supporting venues to showcase their outstanding performances, the results of which will stand for many years.

To the City of Toruń – thank you for providing us with these outstanding facilities and for providing all who visited with a safe and welcoming city with its history and beautiful medieval buildings to explore when not competing.

To Waclaw and Slawek Krankowski and the WMACi LOC – thank you!
You raised the bar from 2019, so again it has been the best organized and most successful WMA Indoor Championships ever. Your entire team of dedicated staff made this happen. The workload was high due to high WMACi registrations with 4172 athletes and the short preparation timeframe. Your endeavors were very successful and much appreciated by athletes and all of us at WMA. Many, many messages were received congratulating the LOC for hosting an exceptional 2023 WMA Indoor Championships in the City of Toruń. The overall success of the Toruń LOC was that a great atmosphere of partnership cooperation was enjoyed by all involved with the event.

To the OFFICIALS – thank you!
You were an outstanding team of local and international officials, all committed to a high standard of performance. Your patience with the long days of scheduled competition was welcomed by all. WMA extends its thanks and appreciation for showing the athletes such incredible respect and professionalism during these Championships.

To the Toruń VOLUNTEERS – thank you!
Many of you gave up your free time to work on this event and WMA thanks you for your contribution. Your help was invaluable to making this event so enjoyable and well organized. WMA representatives and I personally thanked as many of you as we could. Please accept this thanks if we missed you – we deeply appreciate your help.

And last but most importantly, THANK YOU to the ATHLETES!
Thank you for coming and enjoying the hospitality and friendship provided by our hosts in Poland. WMA recognises the long hours of training you put into preparation for such an event and we thank you for your commitment. Thank you too, for the endorsement that this event, in so many areas, was without doubt the best ever WMA Indoor Championship where the preparation and execution exceeded athlete expectations and that as Athletes you appreciate the immense amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen so smoothly.

In closing, on behalf of WMA Council and WMA management, I thank all involved in the 2023 WMA Indoor Championships in the City of Toruń, Poland. Share your memories of this great event with fellow athletes and encourage them to join you at the next 2024 WMA Championship in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Margit Jungmann
WMA President

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