World Masters Athletics News See who the current world bests are in your event!

See who the current world bests are in your event!

See who the current world bests are in your event! post thumbnail image

At World Masters Athletics we are lucky to have the work provided by John Seto of

Below John provided us with details of the rankings systems and also where you can see the current world leads, and see how far you are away!  Will they be broken whilst we are here at the   #WMA2018 WMA Championships in Malaga 

How many new #1 performances in Malaga?

World Masters Rankings (also known as, the official rankings for our sport, compiles performances throughout the year. Click here to view the current top ranked athletes in each of the track and field events contested in Malaga. Thousands of performances are added each week and hopes to update Malaga results in the rankings daily so keep checking the list to see updated #1!

Improving listing time and quantity started a grass roots effort in 2014 to list all athletes competing in eligible competitions. Since then, athletes, organizations and WMA Affiliates have pitched in to help gather meet results for inserting into the rankings. WMA representatives, including WMA Affiliates, will be meeting with MastersRankings in Malaga to further improve cooperation so more performances and athletes can be listed quicker. We hope this will have a revolutionary effect on the rankings list so athletes will have a much better view of how they stand throughout the year.

My performances are not listed

Any of your performances from an organized meet run in accordance with WMA or WMA Affiliate rules can be listed instantly. Click here, fill out and submit the forms to have your marks instantly listed!

John Seto - Masters Rankings

Want a tour or have questions about World Masters Rankings?

European Masters Athletics (EMA) has graciously offered to host in the EMA Pavillion so you can meet. MastersRankings will be in Malaga from 6 through 13 September and should be in the EMA Pavillion each afternoon on 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 September. The preliminary schedule posted here will be constantly updated so keep checking back. Please feel free to contact MastersRankings to arrange a meeting:

Call: (IDD) 1 845 635 9487 (before Malaga)
Call: (IDD) 1 845 489 7818 (in Malaga)
Call on WhatsApp: (845) 489-7818

Memberships support a worthy site

Generous contributions from Masters Athletes has kept going while sustainable funding through sponsors and organizations is sought. WMA and some affiliates are supporting but your help is needed for the short term. 100% of MastersRankings’ income goes toward maintaining the site and compile the lists. Contributions of $25US or more get access to members features for 1 year from membership activations.