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Record Breaking Continues for Masters Athletes

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Four top Masters athletes defied the virus pandemic in September with (pending) world records: The two 90-year-old Lenore Montgomery (CAN, 1500m, 12:34.67) and  Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel (GER, 400m 2:16.19, 800m 5:01.35), the 50-year-old Julia Machin (GBR, high jump, 1.66 m) and  Edlund Östen (SWE, M85, Throw  Pentahlon, 5460).

A virtual competition for world records from 400m to 1500m is about to begin between the 90-year-old Canadian Lenore Montgomery and the German Melitta Czerwenka of the same age. This competition can be looked forward to with great anticipation. It is hoped that the two will find competitions offers despite the Covid pandemic.

Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel

Two world records! Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel (Photo by Lutwin Jungmann) clocked on 14 September in Saarlouis (GER) a time of 2:16.19 min in the 400m race to establish a new W90 world record. She took about half a minute off the previous World Record (2:46.56 min) set in Lyon back in 2015 by Emilia Garcia de Fontán, COL.

When Melitta got her intermediate time at 200 metres in the 400m race while running, she was happily surprised. At this point she was already six seconds faster than planned. Feeling very well, she decided to keep up the pace, as she later revealed, because of the great time to be expected.

In the evening of September 30th in Pfungstadt (GER) Melitta set another W90 world record over 800m in 5:01,35 under floodlight. The record was held by Colleen Milliman USA 5:44.50 dating back to 2018. Later in the season Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel also plans to attack the W90 world record of 1500 metres. Then you can look forward to the remote duel or virtual competition with Lenore Montgomery for world records.

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Lenore Montgomery

Lenore Montgomery (CAN, North Vancouver) set a world record in track meet hit by wildfire smoke and COVID restrictions. She becomes first 90+ woman with official time in 1,500-m race,  clocking a time of 12 minutes 34.67 seconds held at Bear Creek Park in Surrey and hosted Sept. 12 by the Greyhounds Masters Track and Field Club.

Harold Morioka, one of the Greyhounds founders, former head coach and Canadian sprinting legend, commented:

Congratulations to Melitta Czerwenka. Yes, Lenore recently set a new W90 world record for the 1500m.  She currently holds world records for the W85 3000m and 5000m.  Lenore also holds Road Running world bests for the W85 5K and 8K.  She is a very gentle woman who is very humble about her achievements.  In 2012, Lenore was inducted into the Canadian Masters Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Greyhounds Masters Club currently have 105 Masters members and Lenore is our oldest.  One of our past members was Olga Kotelko, who passed away at age 95, and was still competing at that time.“

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Photo by Harold Morio: Lenore training at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia


Julia Machin

Bridjet Cushen (BMAF Hon. Secretary): „Julia was competing in an Open event, title ‚BIGish High Jump Mini Series‘ in Chelmsford on 13 September where she finished 4th overall, clearing 1.66 m for a new W50 World mark.

Julia Machin jumped 1.65 m at the England Athletics Masters Indoor Inter-Area Challenge on 1 March in London and with the postponement of competition from end of March, some limited events are now taking place again in Britain.“

Julia Machin improved the twelve year old world Record of Florence Picaut (FRA)  by eleven centimetres.

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 Photo by BMAF

 Edlund Östen

Ivar Söderlind (EMA-Statistician, Sweden) reported the following result from Edlund Östen on 20. 09. 2020 in Sollentuna, SWE:

World/European Record outdoors Throw Pentathlon M85

M85 Östen Edlund  SWE (* 26.11.1934)

5460 Points in Sollentuna, SWE  (19.09.20) World R

36.75 (1207) – 11.71 (1084) – 34.61 (1241) – 25.55 (7.72) – 11.71 (1156)

Edlund Östen improved the previous world record (5242) of the Italian Rado Carmelo from 2018. Edlund placed 17th in the discus throw at the 1958 European Championships and 24th at the 1960 Summer Olympics. He continues competing in his eightieth, winning the world title in the M80 age group at the 2015 World Masters Athletics Championships.

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Photo: Östen Edlund, WM-Gold in Torun

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