World Masters Athletics News 2022 WMA/IAU World 100k Championship

2022 WMA/IAU World 100k Championship

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August 27, 2022, Bernau, Germany

The 2022 WMA/IAU World Championship was held in a city northeast of Berlin proper under threatening rain conditions.

The WMA thanks the IAU for allowing us to be part of such a great event, which was the first in Germany. We also thank the City of Bernau, the German Athletic Federation, the German Ultrarunning Federation and the LOC who planned and carried out such an undertaking.

The day before the championship there was a well attended Opening Ceremony in the Bernau Central Square with an athlete flag and sign march-in, a band, speakers and box lunch provided.

As it turned out the temperature was just right for a day of running. The clouds and the treelined course were perfect for the race. Two start lines were established about 200 metres apart. IAU team entrants and WMA independent entries started with a gun start at 6:30 AM and then merged into one race. The first small lap turning was short, but all other laps were correct. An additional 800 metres was added to the end of the last lap. Each finisher was given a piece of safety tape to show they were on the additional last short lap. All in all, the race worked out very well logistically on the course with country refreshment stations, and an added water station at the end of the far turn. The race was run on a closed to traffic road. For race timing, each athlete was provided with two antennae behind the front bib connected to many receivers on the ground. Only one athlete was disqualified for cutting a lap. The double antenna provided independent backup if needed. Live results were provided on the timing company’s website allowing anyone in the world to view the race. A live camera system by the finish also allowed anyone with a cell phone to see the runners. First aid was at the finish line and on the course. There were no major medical issues.

Entries and Results

All athletes in the Masters Race entered online and that registration had to be checked by their Federation before the entry was accepted. This was new this year. It worked out very well. There were in all 119 starters from 28 countries with 99 finishers, which is an incredible 83%.

Friends, locals and media lined the finish line area each lap to cheer racers on. The announcer had something to say for each athlete as they passed and got to know them even better as the race proceeded. He also provided a music background which helped provide a positive and welcoming mood.

Because of the live feed, I was able to predict the top three winners in each age group from the age 35 group to the last age group of women at W60 and men at M80. There were many surprises with changes in position right up to the finish when athletes dug in with their last bit of energy.

WMA athletes established four world records. (IAU website)

  • W40 7:07:17 Caitriona Jennings, Ireland
  • W45 7:18:07 Petra Pastorova, Czech Republic
  • M45 6:30:24 Manel Deli Andujar, Spain
  • M50 6:38:51 Andre Collet, Germany
  • Both IAU and Master finishers were selected for doping control.

After a lengthy wait for buses all athletes were able to get back to the H2 Hotel for dinner and the award ceremony with the WMA President, Margit Jungman and the WMA Technical Delegate Brian Keaveney presenting the awards. Some athletes had great difficulty getting up onto the awards platforms as they were so still after the race. Afterwards the athletes enjoyed the rest of the evening with friends old and new.

Brian Keaveney

WMA Technical Delegate