World Masters Athletics News 20th WMMRCH in Telfes/Austria 2021

20th WMMRCH in Telfes/Austria 2021

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The recent Championships were a great success where our very own president was a guest of honour and opened the event

Margit stated afterward “What a great championship (more than 600 athletes from 21 member nations participated), very well organised by the SV Telfes (Andy Stern with a team of 300 men, women and kids) and our partner WMRA, represented by Wolfgang Münzel and Tomo Sarf. Stubai was a perfect host offering best weather and an amazing landscape”

A wonderful late summer weather and brilliant performances were the outstanding elements in this year’s Masters World Championships in Stubai Valley.  It was the second time that Telfes was hosting the WM after 2014.

A warm opening ceremony was the start to a perfectly organized event. 18 individual titles for men and women in the categories M/W 35 to W/M75 were successfully issued tot he contenders.

Georg Viertler ( Mayor), Margit Jungmann (WMA), Tomo Sarf and Wolfgang Münzel (WMRA)

600 athletes altogether from 21 nations took part in the event. Germany’s contingent was the biggest with 210 runners, before Italy and Austria. These numbers were also reflected in the table of medallists: Germany in the lead with six individual gold medals and nine team gold medals, followed by Italy (9) and Austria (5).

  • The female winner with the best result was Simone Raatz (GER) from the category W45. Her score was 44:29,7.
  • All female categories had to do a distance of 7,4 km, with a difference in altitude of 775m. The same applied for the males‘ category of 55 years onward. The winner here was from Italy: Franco Torresani became world champion the day’s best score of 41:25,2.
  • The male categories M35 to M50 had to run the long distance of 11,5 km and a difference in altitude of 1157m. The finishing line for all runners was the Kreuzjoch (2130m).

The medal award ceremony of this enormous event took place in large festival tent with 600 athletes and spectators. All medallists got their well-deserved applause. In the end, Andi Stern – the chief organizer – handed over the flag of the WMRA to Patricia and Thomas Blackburn, chief organizers of the WMMRC 2022 in Clonmel County Tipperary, Eire.

The athletes there will have to face a challenging course with a profile of 10km, ascending 593 m and descending 308m in a marvellous countryside scenery.

Written by – Alfred Hermes

WMRA letter - Telfes results - 25jan2022


Next championship will be held in Ireland.

Date: 2nd to 4th September 2022 Results.