Report on Toruń

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Preparations for the Championship are going very well. Everything is on or ahead of schedule. The LOC is capable and experienced, having organized a great WMACI in 2019. We have used our combined experience and knowledge to identify and resolve issues.

WMA is maintaining its regular contact with the Torun LOC. That enables a two-way process of exchanging views and supporting each other. Recent discussions have included the need to have a confirmation system for the 10k road races as all athletes will commence the event simultaneously and race composition is not a vital organizational matter. We have also started to negotiate the safety parameters needed for the race walking events on the road network adjacent to the main arena.

WMA is responding to athlete enquiries and concerns to ensure the preparations for competition are in hand. A good example of that is the discussion with the LOC regarding the range of poles to be available for pole vault competitors who wish to hire the items during their stay in Torun. The LOC arranged to publish a full list of items on the website within seven days of the enquiry being made. The LOC is adding poles and making other accommodations in response to additional enquiries.

The appointment of the technical officials by the LOC has been very efficient. In co-ordination with the WMA they have identified the areas of expertise in which they need support, and the WMA used that information to help select the International Volunteer Officials (IVOs) who have been appointed to the championships.

The next area of discussion and collaboration will concern the definitive schedule for the competition. This will be finalized once the entry period is closed and numbers per age group per event are known.

We hope to see you in Toruń!

Best regards,
Alan Bell
WMA Vice President of Competition