World Masters Athletics News WMA informs the athletes all over the world – the next virtual challenge is waiting for you

WMA informs the athletes all over the world – the next virtual challenge is waiting for you

WMA informs the athletes all over the world – the next virtual challenge is waiting for you post thumbnail image

Please note the below competition is encouraged by the WMA in their commitment to providing a platform for competition during this time. But please note this event is not a WMA affiliated event, please if you have any questions, please contact the event organisers directly. Thank you and good luck.

Dear athletes!

You probably remember the virtual world championship in July, which Guy Dirkin (GB), Andy Vince (USA, Florida) and Gottfried Gassenbauer (Austria) created with the professional support of John Seto ( Athletes from 61 nations took part in the event at the end of July – at the time of the scheduled Masters World Championship in Toronto. For many it was a welcome opportunity to prepare for a season’s goal.

Because of the great success and as the pandemic unfortunately is still going on, they are happy to make an even greater opportunity to compete with their sports friends all over the world.

WMA welcomes this challenge and encourages athletes to participate. In times where the organisation of no international championships is possible it is important for our athletes to stay in contact through such occasions. Respect the rules of WMA (competition rules, fair-Play and security) and take care – health protection must be given absolute priority.

All results achieved in competitions held between August 14th – November 1st can be reported as Category A for the current virtual worldwide competition. There is also the possibility of Category B and C performances, which in simple terms are either training performances with or without competition conditions. The long period was chosen to include the results of the many competitions and national championships in summer and autumn in the northern hemisphere as well as the spring competitions in the southern hemisphere.

Everyone can report several results – the best in each discipline is automatically included in the results. If someone changes to the next age group during the competition period, they can compete in both age groups. Age on the competition day determines age group.

The registration for each discipline is priced 3 Euro, Erwin Suvaal (NL) has designed a very nice certificate. For each participant a certificate will be made for each of his disciplines.

Athletes 30 and over are welcome to participate! From the 60m run over all distances, even the mile, up to the marathon there is the possibility for runners to report their results

  • · for jumpers of course all jumping disciplines, even the standing long jump,
  • · for throwers all throwing disciplines, also heavy implements,
  • · for walkers all distances from 3 km to 50 km,
  • · all combined events, including the throwing pentathlon.

Want to compete in an event that is not listed? You can do that too! W50 Long Hurdler can do 200m Hurdles. M70 thrower can put 7.26k shot. Run 100k, throw Heavy Weight pentathlon – any track, field or road race recognised by an organisation somewhere in the world.

All information about the competition, the registration, also the already registered athletes can be found on

Registration, also the results can be entered immediately, but no later than November 1.